Wanted: More member-owners to ‘upgrade and save’

Wanted: More member-owners to ‘upgrade and save’

Roanoke Electric Co-op is encouraging additional member-owners to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency in their homes and save money through Upgrade to $ave.

“We still have nearly $5 million in federal financing left to invest in the homes of member-owners through the program,” said Marshall Cherry, chief operating officer for the co-op. 

Upgrade to $ave allows member-owners to finance cost-effective, energy-efficient home improvements at no upfront cost to them.  With Upgrade to $ave, all member-owners are eligible to receive a free energy assessment. The co-op pays for a certified contractor to assess the participant’s home.  Member-owners can request this free assessment regardless of their credit score, homeownership or income status.

Member-owners can request an energy assessment and complete the program’s intake form by calling our office at 252-209-2236. For more information about Upgrade to $ave, visit ww.roanokeelectric.com/UpgradeToSave.

Commonly asked questions about Upgrade to $ave:

Q. Is Roanoke Electric “loaning” me money?

A. No. Roanoke Electric is investing in your home’s energy efficiency by paying the upfront costs.  You will have no loan and no debt.  No credit checks are needed either.  The co-op will recover its costs by placing a monthly charge on your bill that is significantly less than the expected savings.  Charges will start about 45 days after the work is complete.

Q. Can renters who are member-owners get an assessment?                                                                          

A. Yes. They can get an assessment.

Q. Does my existing HVAC unit need to be working for me to get a new HVAC unit?

A. No.

Q. Can I get new windows and/or a new refrigerator?

A. No.  New windows don’t justify the cost (in energy savings) and since a refrigerator is portable, they can’t be authorized.  Energy Star fridges and freezers are a great investment.  You will find out through the program how much your current units are costing you.

Q. Does someone check the work to make sure it was done correctly?                                                    

A. Yes. Roanoke Electric team members thoroughly inspects the quality of the work performed onsite before the co-op pays the contractors.