Roanoke Electric Co-op board of directors' elections 2019

Roanoke Electric Co-op board of directors' elections 2019

Roanoke Electric Co-op member-owners attending this year's annual meeting will have the opportunity to participate in the election process, determining who will represent three districts on the co-op's board of directors. 


The three-year terms for directors currently serving districts 3, 4 and 7 are up for election. The three districts' current directors have been nominated for re-election, each having gone through the petition process established by the co-op's bylaws. Those directors seeking re-election are:

Roanoke Electric Co-op is guided by the unique principles of the cooperative business model. One of these principles is that of democratic member control provided by directors who are themselves member-owners of the co-op and who are democratically elected by fellow member-owners. These directors make up the co-op's board, which provides leadership and oversight on behalf of the entire membership.

Roanoke Electric's board is comprised of nine directors -- one for each of the nine districts within the co-op's service territory. Each director represents the member-owners living in his or her district.

Eligible member-owners may seek nomination for the director positions up for election in a given year. Nominations must be sought through a petition process established by the co-op's bylaws. This process requires a signature petition of 15 or more member-owners at least 40 business days before the co-op's business meeting of the membership, held annually in August.. 

The co-op’s bylaws require that a director must:

  • be an individual;
  • have the capacity to enter legally binding contracts;
  • not have been convicted of a felony;
  • possess a high school diploma or equivalent certification;
  • be a Member-Owner and receive the Cooperative’s electric service at his or her primary residential abode for at least the twelve (12) months period immediately preceding the date of his or her nomination;
  • fulfill all Membership Obligations for any and all accounts and, for the twelve (12) months preceding the date of his or her nomination;
  • have no more than two delinquent payments to the Cooperative;
  • have no involuntary disconnections; or have no more than two returned checks;
  • have no instance of Meter Tampering at any time.
  • not have been an employee of the Cooperative or its subsidiaries for at least ten (10) years preceding the date of his or her nomination;
  • not be a Close Relative of an incumbent Director or of an employee of the Cooperative or its subsidiaries; provided however, no incumbent Director shall lose eligibility to remain a Director or to be re-elected as a Director if that person becomes a Close Relative of another incumbent Director or of an employee of the Cooperative or its subsidiaries because of a marriage to which he or she was not a party;
  • not be employed by or substantially financially interested in an enterprise in competition with the Cooperative or its subsidiaries, a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative or its subsidiaries, or a business substantially engaged in selling electrical appliances, fixtures, or supplies primarily to Member-Owners of the Cooperative or its subsidiaries;
  • not have been removed by the Member-Owners pursuant to a Removal Petition; and
  • except as otherwise provided by the Board for good cause, receive and complete all Director certification levels offered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association within six (6) years of becoming a Director.

Credentials & Elections Committee

The Credentials & Elections Committee has the responsibility to address all questions related to member-owner registration, to count ballots cast in the election of directors or any other ballot vote taken at the meeting, and to issue rulings on any voting irregularities. The committee’s decision on all such matters is final. The 2019 committee was appointed by the board on May 28, 2019, pursuant to requirements of Article III, Section 5 of the co-op bylaws.

The 2019 Credentials & Elections Committee members are:

  • Donnell Thomas (District 1)
  • Fleming Peterson (District 2)
  • Oscar Epps (District 3)
  • W. Dan Joyner (District 4)
  • Robert Bryan Savage (District 5)
  • George Ryan (District 6)
  • Marvin Watson (District 7)
  • James S. Pugh (District 8)
  • Veronica Lofton (District 9)

The annual meeting will be held Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, at Hertford County High School, located at 1500 1st St. W. in Ahoskie.  Registration will open at 9 a.m. To register, member-owners will need to bring the official meeting notice they received in the mail, as well as their driver’s license or government-issued ID.

For more information visit or call 252-209-2236.


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