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Coop Connections Card

Roanoke Electric is always looking for ways to increase the benefits of being a member-owner of our co-op and a member of the diverse communities we serve. The Co-op Connections Card is a national discount card program that has long been free to Roanoke Electric member-owners. In 2018, the program offers more discounts and ways to save than ever before. It offers up to 85% percent discounts on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies, as well as special discounts and deals from local businesses, online retailers, hotel discounts, event ticket discounts and more. And for the first time ever starting this year, a "cash back" program that delivers to you by personal check the money you've saved in discounts while shopping online!

Since Co-op Connections now offers cash back rewards directly to you,  Roanoke Electric has decided to fold the former "Roanoke Rewards" into the enhance Co-op Connections program. While we are proud of the monies Roanoke Rewards saved our member-owners, the program was limited to providing the discounts earned only in the form of electric bill credits.  The Co-op Connections cash back program not only offers greater shopping selections, it also gives member-owners the freedom to choose how they use those savings.

Pharmacy Discounts

The Co-op Connections Card is not insurance, and cannot be used in conjunction with insurance, but it can help you get a great price on prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance. Also, the pharmacy can help you determine if the prescription price is lower with your insurance or with the card. Watch this video for more on the pharmacy discounts.

Cash Back Shopping at 3,000 Retailers

With almost 3,000 online retailers participating in the Co-op Connections Cash Back Mall, earning real money back while you shop has never been easier. Your savings are deposited into your secure "virtual wallet." After 90-days (to allow time to return any items you may decide you no longer need or want), a check for the discounts earned to date is mailed directly to you!

Participating Local Businesses

For your convenience, here is a list of merchants in Roanoke Electric's service territory (and a few outside of the area as well!) that have joined the Co-op Connections Card Program (so far) and who offer discounts when you use your card. This list DOES NOT include all the discounts offered by national chains, pharmacies and other national merchants.

For local businesses not yet participating in the Co-op Connections Card Program, please call Patrice Jordan at 252-209-2236 to learn more about the benefits to your business of joining the program. Ready to enroll your business now? You can do so anytime by completing this online form.

There's an App for That!

For member-owners who prefer to use their card digitally, the Co-op Connections Card app download is on the Co-op Connections website ( When you're ready to create your online account, simply visit the site and register your card number and enter your secured, password protected information. Once registered, you can then download the mobile app for either iOs or Android directly from the Co-op Connections website.

The mobile app provides a virtual card (front and back) with vital prescription discount information on your phone, as well as a way to get your discount with participating local merchants without having to remember to carry your membership card. You can also use your phone’s GPS feature to locate local businesses that accept the card if any are nearby, and identify your favorite discount deals and save them in your account for easy access.

Did we mention that the card is FREE? We make sure we provide each new member-owner with their Co-op Connections card, but if you need another just let us know! We're happy to send you a replacement anytime, or you can pick one up the next time you come by our Ahoskie office. But no need to wait, call 252-209-2236 or email for your FREE card today!





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