CEO message: new year, new opportunities to deliver exceptional service

CEO message: new year, new opportunities to deliver exceptional service

As we close the books on 2018, I am excited and hopeful about the various new initiatives Roanoke Electric Co-op is undertaking to better serve our member-owners.

Among our top priorities is leveraging innovative technologies to improve system reliability. Building on the capabilities of a smart energy grid, the co-op plans to deploy sophisticated system “fault detectors” to identify and “self-repair” trouble spots – a common cause of power outages and blinks.

The automated repair allows for power restoration within seconds, often before the member-owner would realize there was any type of disruption. This technology also offers financial benefits, reducing not only the time required, but also the cost of dispatching crews, diagnosing the problem and restoring the power.

Another system improvement involves installing a new advanced metering system, called Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), across our service territory. This will allow us to create an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks and data management systems, enabling two-way communication between the co-op and our member-owners.

While the new AMI meters look similar to current ones, they are much more sophisticated. One of the key benefits of this technology is that it will improve our ability to locate and respond to outages more quickly. The new meters will also provide energy data the co-op will use to refine our energy efficiency programs. That, in turn, will help our member-owners better manage energy consumption and reap more cost savings on their monthly electric bills.

On the energy efficiency front, the co-op will continue exploring the benefits of the evolving electric vehicle market. As consumer demand for these types of vehicles grows, we are assessing opportunities to help make their use more affordable.

Specifically, the co-op is evaluating options to adjust rates for charging electric vehicles, based on what time of day they are charged. Similar to our new Residential Time-of-Day rate, this special EV rate will offer member-owners a lower-cost incentive for charging during off-peak demand periods.

Also, among our top priorities is advancing efforts to promote and maintain safety in the workplace.  For two consecutive years, the co-op has earned special recognition by the state of North Carolina for its safety achievements. I am especially proud of this accomplishment, and we plan to utilize all the resources we can to improve workplace safety.

This year promises to be a busy and productive year for your co-op. We are looking forward to advancing these initiatives to better serve you.

~Curtis Wynn, president & CEO

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Thu, 12/20/2018 - 2:51pm
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