CEO message

CEO message

Earth Day: Thinking globally, living it locally
- Curtis Wynn, President and CEO


Each year, on April 22, people across the world celebrate the environment and reaffirm their commitments to preserving its rich resources and natural beauty. Here at Roanoke Electric Co-op, we invite you to join us as we recognize and reaffirm our commitment to doing our part to protect the environment on the local front.

As a rural electric co-op owned by you, the members we serve, we are committed to creating a brighter energy future for you and your community. We carry out this mission in multiple ways, including ensuring a portion of the electricity we deliver to your home comes from low-carbon sources. We also embrace advancements in renewable energy resources, such as our community solar farm.

Roanoke Electric is also partnering with electric co-ops throughout the state to build a statewide electric vehicle charging network to help make electric vehicle technologies and opportunities available to member-owners. As part of this initiative, the co-op plans to introduce special electric vehicle charging rate incentives before the end of 2019.

The efforts go far beyond those of your co-op team. Member-owners are making a difference right in their own homes. Many are already participating in our smart thermostat and water heater control programs, and more are signing up every day. These programs not only offer the benefits of increased energy efficiency and conservation, but also help lower your home’s energy costs. We encourage you to join the effort and take full advantage of these energy-conservation and cost-savings programs.

Even on a smaller scale, there are steps you can be taking that conserve energy and that have a significant impact when we all play our part. That could be as simple as unplugging appliances that are not in use, turning off lights and fans, and switching to energy-saving LED light bulbs. And if it has been more than a few months, change your home’s heating and cooling system air filters.

Finally, mark Monday, April 22, on your calendar. This year’s Earth Day event will again be held at the co-op headquarters office in Aulander, from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Highlights will include a vendor showcase, activities for children, electric vehicle demonstrations and prize drawings. 

I hope you will join your co-op family, friends and neighbors on this special day, as we demonstrate and promote environmental awareness and stewardship and our collective commitment to the health of our communities for generations to come.




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