2018 Roanoke Electric Co-op Internship Program

2018 Roanoke Electric Co-op Internship Program

Students gain valuable work experience, career-building skills

Every year, the Roanoke Electric Cooperative selects interns for a 10- to 12-week paid summer internship in a variety of the organization’s departments.  As part of the program, the participants get hands-on experience in the workplace, under the guidance of experienced employees.

In 2018, the co-op welcomed four North Carolina college students. Here is what they had to say, as they recently wrapped up their co-op work experience.

Austin Davis, East Carolina University




"The serving culture of this organization truly surprised me after working for a corporate, for-profit company last summer. It was great to see everyone work as a team to satisfy the member-owner’s wants and needs, first and foremost. This internship allowed me to apply educational knowledge to real-world projects. That kind experience is invaluable in making me a better prospect for future employers. I am truly thankful to everyone at Roanoke Electric for this opportunity and for making it a memorable experience." - Engineering Intern Austin Davis

Justin Saunders, Elizabeth State University





"Working in the co-op’s accounting department helped me learn about banking applications, invoice processing and monthly statement procedures. Doing system data entry also allowed me to become familiar with different types and levels of computer software." ~ Accounting Intern Justin Saunders



Marcasia Smith, Winston-Salem State University




“My experience this summer as a Roanoke Electric Co-op summer intern has been informative and exciting. I learned a lot about being in a working environment overall. I learned how to prepare for the co-op's many member-owner events and all the advance work required, as well as how to save the co-op money. This experience provided me with skills that I know I will use throughout my future career."



April Smith, Roanoke Chowan Community College




"My goal with this internship was to gain the practical knowledge and hands-on experience to help me   pursue a career in the field of information technology. Working with the co-op's internal and external websites, I learned that the co-op's first and top priority is information security and the second is to ensure each and every website visit is user-friendly for the member-owners, local media and community partners who turn to these sites for information, support and assistance. Working at the co-op means I’ve been given an opportunity to be a part of something great."