Members invest over $8,500 back to community organizations

As a member-owned cooperative, serving goes beyond providing electricity to members’ homes and businesses.  Through Operation RoundUp, members are empowered with the opportunity to impact the communities in which they work and live in a major way.

How do members contribute?

Operation RoundUp allows you to “round up” your electric bill to the next highest dollar amount and donate that amount to the program.  Say that your bill is $124.85 for the month of November.  You can round it up to $125 and donate the extra 15 cents to Operation RoundUp.  On average, a member contributes 50 cents per month or $6.00 per year to the program.  At most, a member can only contribute $11.88 in a year’s time.  For only cents per month, members are creating huge change in their communities and so can you!

How are these funds distributed?

Each quarter, the board of directors for the program's administrative body, the Roanoke Care Trust (RECT), meets to determine who will be awarded funds. The funds will be given primarily to organizations that are serving either the health, safety, educational or recreational needs of citizens within our service area.

This quarter, RECT met at the cooperative’s headquarters on October 14 to award the final quarter of Operation RoundUp funds for 2015.  A total of $8,527.71 was awarded to the following organizations:

Gatesville Elementary PTA (Gatesville, NC): Awarded $1,000 to replace old and unsafe playground equipment with new playground equipment.

Ahoskie Rural Volunteer Fire Department (Ahoskie, NC): Received $2,518.94 to outfit a recently donated truck with the necessary emergency warning lights and sirens it needs to be put in to service for vehicle extrication, fire scene support functions, and rescue operations.

Garysburg Volunteer Fire Department (Garysburg, NC): Funded $1,600 to replace its portable water tank and first responder jump bag.

St. John Fire Department (Aulander, NC): Given $3,408.77 to purchase equipment to replace outdated equipment on a recently acquired fire truck.  This equipment will allow this truck to be put in to service.

Without our members who have committed to rounding up their electric bills to the next whole dollar to contribute to Operation RoundUp, Roanoke Electric could not fulfill its mission and purpose to improve the quality of life in the diverse communities we serve.  Your cooperative and the RECT board appreciate your willingness to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those in need of your help in our communities. 

How can you start contributing today?

To join those who are making a huge difference with only cents per month, call 252.209.2236 or visit

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